Johnny Pro II bass

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Johnny Pro II bass

Post by contrahell on Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:32 pm

Has anyone ever heard of or seen one of these?

The only markings on it are the script 'Johnny Pro II' logo (script is almost identical to the Aria Pro II logos of the 80's) on the headstock and a foil serial # sticker on the heel of the neck which reads 43 363.

It is a bound, 7 piece neck through passive bass. The body wings are stained the dark color, it is a lighter colored wood. No markings of any sort in the control or pickup cavities. Fretboard appears to be ebony, although not as tight grained as the ebony on my Ibanez Musician bass.

Wiring needed a little attention, a good cleanup, and some minor attention to the A string tuner. Other than that, it plays beautifully and has a great p bass sound. A luthier friend and fellow bass aficionado felt it was Japanese made, maybe late 70's or early 80's. The construction and wood quality appear to be very nice, as is the binding on the neck.

All my research on the net here in the states only turned up pictures of this exact bass, and a couple of 6 string electric guitars. Interestingly, I found one pic of a guitar that had a serial # of 43 362. If anyone can shed any light on this bass or even point me in the right direction for further research, it would be greatly appreciated (maybe even to the point of a six pack of your favorite

I will try to post some more detailed pics of it tomorrow, and thanks in advance for any possible help.
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