Got me a "BLUE" Westy, too.

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Got me a "BLUE" Westy, too.

Post by rebuild on Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:53 pm

Hello All, ... For everyone who did, (and those whom didn't) see the Blue, Dimension IV posted on the "bay"... Well, I bought it. Yup. Paid full asking price and all. This thing is actually in great shape. Here we go. (1). Turns out the replacement screw in the string lock mechanism was barely screwed in. I removed it...carefully inserted a correct, original type, cap screw and it tightened in just fine (whew). (2) You may have noticed the low "E" string sort of hanging off the neck on the e-bay photo...Again, this was a super quick fix of simply clamping the neck at the neckplate, completely loosening the 4 neck screws, and manipulating the neck until both "E" strings lay even above the fretboard, then tighten the neck screws back in (again, whew). (3) Seems as though the previous owner(s) had the thickest set off electric guitar strings (I have ever seen) installed on this Blue Baby...great for tone, but sucks for playability. Due to the fact the strings were so Ginormous...this Westy looks to have about 3 actual hours of playtime on it (almost none, if you know what I mean). Threw on a set of .008's and this baby is a shredder once again. (4) As for the EMG pickups instead of the original MMK45's...honestly, these will suffice nicely. They sound very close to what was originally installed (maybe a little better, as they are not 28 years old like all my other Westones are) and they ARE black in color, so I'm happy with 'em. Well...with all that being said about how lucky I am to restore this guitar with minimal effort...let me BRAG about this incredible blue finish. We all know Spectrums are available in transparent blue. I had no idea Dimension IV's were available in this color too. And like most of you, I have been buying and playing these things since the mid 80's. It's my first trans blue Westy, and I think this thing is gorgeous. Someday, I will try to post photos of my westy line-up. I have 2 black Dynastys, 2 black Dim IV's, 2 trans red Dim IV's, 1 white Dim IV and now a trans blue Dim IV. Gotta get ready for work now. We'll chat later...bye.

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Re: Got me a "BLUE" Westy, too.

Post by Barry on Mon Mar 11, 2013 5:04 pm

Hey, congrats! The trans blue is a spectacular finish.

Now...pix, or it didn't happen. Razz

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Re: Got me a "BLUE" Westy, too.

Post by DimensionIV-addict on Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:18 pm

RIGHT ON! Big Thumbs Up

Congrats on your purchase Rebuild! You've got a complete set of Dimension IV's.


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Re: Got me a "BLUE" Westy, too.

Post by Iceman on Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:54 pm

I guess they don't call you rebuild for nut'tin.... Laughing

Congratulations! cheers
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Re: Got me a "BLUE" Westy, too.

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