Matsumoku Pickup Magnet Types

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Matsumoku Pickup Magnet Types

Post by Barry on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:18 pm

Two of our pals over at the Matsumoku Forum, Mozart and GDK9, gathered some technical info on the pickups used in the Vantage line of guitars. The marketing name changes occasionally in the various Mats model lines but they are the same pickups used in Westone.

The UK distributor has got this info material from "Music Technology Inc." (the US distributor for Vantage 1980).
Peter Robinson (UK distributor 1980):
"Mr. Matsura who developed the Vantage range was very close to the Canadian distributor, Marty Golden, and Marty, together with Ernie Briefer of M.T.I., the US Sellers, had a lot of Input on design."
MMK 45 (#450PF): Isotropy Ferrite
MMK 53 (#530DS): Anisotropy Ferrite
MMK 61 (#610PF): Alnico #5
MMK 75 (#765PB ?): Anisotropy Ferrite (unconfirmed model reference)

GDK9 got a 1980 marketing manual from the former UK distributor of Vantage guitars. From this source:

Diameter of Coil: 0.055
Number of Coil: 6.000
Magnet/Material: Isotropy Ferrite
Size: 58x6x10.5
DC Ohms: 10.97k
Inductance: 6.04 Henries
Impedance at 100Hz: 11.7k
Impedance at 1000Hz: 41.2k
Impedance at 2,500Hz: 99.3 k

Diameter of Coil: 0.055
Number of Coil: 6.000
Magnet/Material: Anisotropy Ferrite
Size: 59x6x12.5
DC Ohms: 11.39k
Inductance: 5.77 Henries
Impedance at 100Hz: 12.0k
Impedance at 1000Hz: 39.6k
Impedance at 2,500Hz: 95.0 k

Diameter of Coil: 0.06
Number of Coil: 5.000
Magnet/Material: Alnico #5
Size: 58x3.2x12
DC Ohms: 7.99k
Inductance: 3.90 Henries
Impedance at 100Hz: 8.4k
Impedance at 1000Hz: 27.1k
Impedance at 2,500Hz: 62.6 k

Diameter of Coil: 0.06
Number of Coil: 10.000
Magnet/Material: Isotropy Ferrite
Size: 38x7.5x7
DC Ohms: 12.27k
Inductance: 9.08 Henries
Impedance at 50Hz: 12.6k
Impedance at 500Hz: 32.6k
Impedance at 1,000Hz: 60.0 k

Diameter of Coil: 0.06
Number of Coil: 8.000
Magnet/Material: Anisotropy Ferrite
Size: 40x5x10
DC Ohms: 10.67k
Inductance: 7.29 Henries
Impedance at 50Hz: 11.0k
Impedance at 500Hz: 26.9k
Impedance at 1000Hz: 48.7 k

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