Founded Westone Lp Japanese? Korean? Chinese?

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Founded Westone Lp Japanese? Korean? Chinese?

Post by Abbadon on Fri Feb 15, 2013 6:15 am

Hello everybody:

I expose my case: I recently found a westone Lp style guitar given to me by a close friend who find it in his uncles apartment, and I would be glad if somebody could tell me what kind of westone is.

The guitar is severally used, and iīm afraid that itīs non working. My cuestion is: It will be ok to restore it? (I mean if it deserve it)

The guitar is this one: (sorry, i canīt put links yet)

Thank you for answering, and I apologise for my english
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Re: Founded Westone Lp Japanese? Korean? Chinese?

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:09 am

If you go to this webpage:
Your guitar looks to be very similar to "Unknown Model 9". It has the same headstock logo, and has the truss rod cover that says "custom". The serial number looks like it was built in 1980, and it looks to have a set neck instead of the bolt-on neck. I do not recognize the markings on the pickups, but I would definately think it is worth fixing up. I would try to save the original pickups if at all possible.
If it is something you would like to sell, I would be interested.

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