Have You Seen John Petrucci's Psycho Exercises!

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Have You Seen John Petrucci's Psycho Exercises!

Post by DuoFuzz on Tue Nov 22, 2011 10:55 pm

I believe these funny overdubbed videos have a cult following on YouTube. The original videos were deleted when the guy that made them (adam02) closed his account, thankfully he has since reappeared and has started to upload them again. He basically took some old Petrucci tuition videos and other footage and dubbed himself saying ridiculous stuff over the top, my personal fav is part 4.

My childish humour finds them funny so I thought I'd post the links here so you lot could get a laugh out of them.

P.S. the last vid (Psycho Rig) was made by adam02 but as yet he has not uploaded the original, so this is a copy with Spanish subs on the screen. It's still funny.

John Petrucci Psycho Exercises 1
John Petrucci Psycho Exercises 2
John Petrucci Psycho Exercises 3
John Petrucci Psycho Exercises 4
John Petrucci Phycho Rig and guitar Tech. Subs[ESP]

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Re: Have You Seen John Petrucci's Psycho Exercises!

Post by Warrn on Tue Nov 22, 2011 11:57 pm

What's even more amusing on that last one is that the Spanish subtitles aren't entirely accurate. Laughing

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