What kind of bass is this

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What kind of bass is this

Post by hiwatt on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:28 pm

Can anybody tell me something about this bass?

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Re: What kind of bass is this

Post by Westbone on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:52 pm

yes, it's made in Japan, has a steel adjustable neck and made of maple....possibly around 1980 . lol!
In all seriousness could you put up a full picture it might be a little easier to identify. Smile
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I Could be wrong but !

Post by Geordiedave on Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:54 pm

This tight pick looks just like a guitar I have, if it is "jazz bass shaped" it could be a Kimbara as this plate is the same as the one I have, a wider view might reduce the speculation. Mine is also natural.


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Re: What kind of bass is this

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