Alvarez Dana II for sale, minty (same as Westone Dana III Ltd)

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Alvarez Dana II for sale, minty (same as Westone Dana III Ltd)

Post by The Chad on Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:59 am

Clicky clicky right here... Alvarez Dana II (Westone Dana III Ltd)

I know it's not a Westone proper, but the only main difference is the name. Otherwise, it is virtually identical to the Westone Dana III Ltd, Fire Red. And this example looks to be in near perfect condition.

Differences between the Westone version and this particular Alvarez (far as I can tell):

The Alvarez
- Screws actually through the neck under the head (for locks)
- Separated battery compartment instead of battery in with pots
- Different knobs
- Location of strap button (in a better location on this Alvarez, will hang better than the Westone version)

These differences are actually improvements over the Westone model.

That's it. Otherwise, it's the same exact guitar, Alvarez just slapped a different name on it. Seriously. Same DSR5 enhancer, same pickups, same hardware, same woods, even the same "Fire Red" color. This is a super nice guitar with the DSR5 that gives distorted tones and sweet spots all over the neck that will make you smile real big. Very Happy Cool
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