In need of a trem cavity plate for a WE5400

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In need of a trem cavity plate for a WE5400

Post by Iceman on Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:18 pm

So this Dimension I picked up is in need of the back cavity plate. Is this something difficult to find or am I further ahead to look for the plate material and then cut my own? Surely someone has already been down this lane??

Also it has the FR licensed TRS-101 and guess what??...... yeah, no whammy bar. Standard 6 mm thread on that one, correct?
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Re: In need of a trem cavity plate for a WE5400

Post by corsair on Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:46 pm

Yes, and yes. Very Happy Is that helpful? Laughing Laughing

The chances of finding one on the open market are pretty slim, but I've had backplates made; toddle off to your local plastics warehouse clutching your groin... no, no, no... different website... sorry, as you were.... clutching your template of the hole you want to cover up, and an example of the sort of plastic you wish this thing to be made of; ie another backplate from your vast and getting vaster(?) collection.

I got the plastics people to cut the thing to shape and to drill and countersink the screwholes, too because the type of plastic used is apparently a little piggy to work with power tools, and the extra $NZ5 was well spent, I thought!

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