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Post by Guest on Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:38 pm

The Westoneinfo site has the following info:

First appears in the August 1986 US pricelist, and according to that info there were 4 variants -
X390CB - $1199, Caspian Blue finish, OFC pickups, Kahler Dlx trem
X390DBK - $699, Dull Black finish, 2 Magnaflux pickups, Bendmaster Dlx trem, pickup switching is by two push button switches (These guitars are often wrongly described by sellers as a prototype because of the unusual switches)
X390MA - $975, Curly Maple finish like the X350MA (Also known as the Deluxe), 2 Magnaflux pickups, Bendmaster Dlx trem
X390PW - $1199, Pearl White finish, OFC pickups, Kahler Dlx trem

My questions is; has anyone ever seen a X390MA? I've seen the CB, PW & DBK, but have never seen a 390MA. If anyone has a pic of this guitar, please post it. I'm on the lookout (as the finances allow) for a 350MA, but a 390MA may have to come first.

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