WESTONE Session II eBay US

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WESTONE Session II eBay US

Post by boutjp97 on Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:15 am

It has a starting bid of $350 and buy it now for $425. Has some fair repairs, but they can always be redone. The neck repair is pretty questionable looking. Also the binding burst is at the sides and the widest points so it looks like it probably sustained a drop on it's bottom (near the bottom strap button) at some point. The seller believes it happened a long time ago but I am not sure as the glue shows very little if any discoloration and/or signs of collecting any dirt or grit on the glue or in the ridges around the repair over the years. I emailed the seller and requested to look at it in person if it lasts that long, if I do I'll let you all know how it plays. The repairs can always be redone, I'm thinking about you Barry. I've seen you work some wonders and it is a short drive for you to pick up to save on shipping. If I get to check it out in person I may put in a bid or buy it myself but at this point my intentions are to see it in person just so I can give my opinion for anyone here thinking about buying it.

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