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Re: Say hello...

Post by ZaCormyr on Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:02 pm

Well hello!

Suppose I'll do this thingy here since I've already posted a few times.

My name is Cory, I'll be 41 tomorrow and I'm from Vancouver Island but live in New Westminster with my wife and two kids. I had long hair until a few years ago. I have phantom hair. When I put a guitar strap over my head and I can't help but try to pull my pony tail out from under it haha.

I'm into heavy music but love all sorts like Pearl Jam. I like to sing also. I've played guitar since I was 17 but have not put the time in to be technical with it and can't read music (although I used to as a kid when I had piano lessons). That said, I could be a very good player if I put the time in. I want to play more these days but it's tough with kids around.

First guitar was an Epiphone Special ii. Best guitar I've owned (and still own) is probably the beat up Mann les paul from the 60's with sun burst.

I've recently found Westone and I think they are great! It is a shame they did not continue until today in Japan. I may soon own two!

Take care and thanks to those who've responded to my posts.


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Re: Say hello...

Post by corsair on Fri Dec 21, 2018 4:51 pm

Welcome, Zac! You realise that this is a very deep rabbit hole indeed that you're disappearing into, yes?!

We love to see pix of your guitars - yes, even the non-Westone! - so keep that in mind!!

Oh, and Happy Birthday!!

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Re: Say hello...

Post by Barry on Fri Dec 21, 2018 9:24 pm

Hey Zac, nice to welcome a fellow Canuck to the House of Westone Nuts!!

Hair is such a transient thing (so they tell me. I still have mine, albeit a lot finer than it used to be) But a ponytail?! That's just tragic eh? Roll on Floor Laff

Yeah, the Mann is a good guitar too, but we're gassing to see your Westone when you get a minute. Post some pix

Happy birthday & Merry Christmas!

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Re: Say hello...

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