If you get a chance please vote for my band

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If you get a chance please vote for my band

Post by boutjp97 on Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:05 pm

One of my bands, Kid Wicked (an instrumental rock band), just released a new song called When She Sleeps and it is on a few websites. It is in the running for Band of The Month here LINK and it won an award for song of the day (March 10, 2010) on the website Garageband.com in the instrumental rock section LINK. I am the lead guitarist and in the song When She Sleeps I recorded it using a Spectrum FX, the Sabre Song was a Pantera X275 and I think I also used the Pantera X275 for the song West One (I don't fully remember). Anyway, if you give a listen please vote and even upload your own stuff to either site and post in this link and I'll be sure to give you a listen and vote for you. Thanks.

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